Therapeutic Exercise  
 The systematic performance of planned physical movements, postures or exercises consisting of:
-Endurance, Resistance (strength and power), Flexibility, Coordination, Gait, Neuromuscular, Balance, Agility and Body Mechanics/Postural training.
Therapeutic exercise is intended to enhance an individual’s function, remediate/prevent impairments, enhance fitness/well-being and optimize their overall health.
Soft Tissue/Joint Mobilization  
Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM) is the hands-on mobilization of soft tissues used to relax tense muscles, break up scar tissue and reduce fluid build-up. STM techniques include but are not limited to:
-Manual stretching, manual traction, cross friction, trigger point/myofascial release and Graston technique.
Joint Mobilization is a type of passive movement of a skeletal joint. The purpose is to eliminate joint restrictions, restore joint motion/mobility, and increase range of motion (ROM) and to relieve pain.
 Orthotics Customization  
Orthotics are a custom-molded, individualized design shoe insert used to treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Our very own physical therapist, Timothy Doyle, provides a custom orthotic shoe insole that is personalized to benefit your needs after an assessment of your condition. Orthotics are used to:
-align/support the foot and ankle, prevent/correct foot impairments and improve overall function of the foot and ankle.